Digital Lockers Reduce Traffic Volume?!

12. März 2018 durch
Digital Lockers Reduce Traffic Volume?!
Karoline Pantera

More and more naturally we use the possibility to shop over the Internet at any time of the day or night. Meanwhile, we are not only looking for the cheapest provider for exceptional goods but are increasingly make all daily purchases via the Internet. As easy as shopping online without having to adjust to the opening hours and to queue in long lines at the checkout, sometimes it is difficult to coordinate the delivery time at home or pick up the missed delivery at the next post office.

SENSORBERG offers a variety of solutions that will enable you to organize an easy and flexible package delivery without your personal presence. In digitized buildings, you will have an option to grant temporary access to a hallway to a delivery agent so that he can leave the package at your door. Another option is to assign temporary access to your digital locker, where your package can also be stored. The same applies to other daily delivery services or fast food delivery. As with every door opening, if you wish, you will receive a message in your app that the package deliverer has opened the door and delivered the package.

Looking a little further into the future, digital lockers can bring even more positive impact on urban societies. For instance, there could be much fewer delivery cars on the streets during the day if deliveries could be operated also during the nights. At the same time, parcels and packages could be delivered much faster since there is hardly any traffic at night. However, this can become possible if more and more households or companies obtain digital lockers and/or shares them with neighbors and friends.

Let’s benefit from the buildings’ digitization and make our lives as comfortable as possible.