Digital access rights: PropTech's Sensorberg and spaceOS enter into cooperation

June 4, 2019 by
Digital access rights: PropTech's Sensorberg and spaceOS enter into cooperation
Karoline Pantera

Berlin, June 4, 2019 – Sensorberg, a developer of hardware and software for digitalization and automation of buildings and spaceOS, a platform provider for operator and tenant services, start cooperation. The aim is to provide owners, operators and users of commercial real estate and coworking spaces with a simple solution for digital access authorization. For this purpose, Sensorberg’s specially developed software was integrated into the existing spaceOS platform. In the future, real estate owners and operators will be able to digitally assign and control access rights to their buildings and individual rooms and thus manage their space occupancy much more efficiently. Users, in turn, can enter offices and communal areas without using a card or key - they authenticate themselves via the spaceOS app on their smartphones.  ​  ​  ​

Michael von Roeder, CEO of Sensorberg, says: "Our cooperation with spaceOS is a further step on the way to a digital ecosystem around real estate. For the landlord the focus is on the attractiveness and efficiency of the building, for the users, it is flexibility and a high level of comfort. Against the background of increasingly dynamic working time models and trends such as desk sharing, digitally controlled access increases added value for both sides."  

The aim of spaceOS is to provide owners and operators with an efficient management tool and users with an app that enables them to do everything they need in their daily lives - from booking a room and ordering lunch to networking with their community. spaceOS founder Marley Fabisiewicz says: "The missing element has been digital access. By integrating Sensorberg's software, we can now offer owners, operators and users a complete solution. Sensorberg is the right partner because it offers the most progressive access control technology with a very high level of security".

 As part of the cooperation, Sensorberg not only provides the software for digital access control but also equips the properties with necessary hardware. So-called access hubs - special contact and connection points - are installed at the entrance doors to the buildings and at all doors.

The Berlin-based operator of coworking spaces Unicorn is one of the first to use the joint solution from Sensorberg and spaceOS - initially at all its locations in German capital, but also in the future in all new coworking spaces. ​ und spaceOS einsetzt – zunächst an all seinen Standorten in der deutschen Hauptstadt, perspektivisch aber auch in allen weiteren neuen Coworking-Spaces.

Sensorberg GmbH based in Berlin, develops hardware and software for the digitalization and automation of buildings. The proptech specializes in solutions for co-working spaces, commercial and residential real estate, and self-storage. Sensorberg installs access control systems and equips buildings with a comprehensive digital infrastructure, enabling simple and transparent control of all building processes via smartphone or tablet. Use cases include room booking, temperature control, the opening of lockers, visitor management, etc. The intelligent technology can be connected to all existing management systems. By evaluating the collected data, operators or owners can manage their buildings more effectively and efficiently. When implementing individually tailored building solutions, Sensorberg is able to fuse multiple manufacturers and access systems by connecting them to the open IoT platform. The proptech currently employs 30 people. .


About spaceOS LTD
spaceOS ist a Startup based in Dublin and Warsaw. The company equips coworking operators and landlords of commercial real estate with an operating system that connects all stakeholders, reduces costs, delivers data and offers intelligent management tools. The platform makes it possible to transform real estate into digital products with the aim of increasing the attractiveness of real estate, ensuring greater flexibility and efficiency and opening up new sources of income through the integration of marketplaces with services and gastronomy. spaceOS collects and analyzes data to improve efficiency of the space usage and the well-being of tenants. spaceOS stands out from the competition with a razor-sharp focus on UX, data and the provision of marketplace solutions. In addition, spaceOS also acts as a holistic platform that integrates IoT solutions from third-party vendors, making it possible to use all important functions at the workplace with one app. The company now employs 25 people and its customer list includes such renowned names as New Lab, Silicon Allee, Sosa, Tower 42, Factory, Central Working, Mixer, Unicorn, Fattal Hotels, Oxford Properties, EY Wavespace and many others..